HES Seminar Series: Dr. Isabel Gonzalez presents Altitude Related Illness

Event Details

Dr. Isabel M. Algaze Gonzalez will present Altitude Related Illness. Gonzalez is an Attending Physician at UCI Medical Center and Catalina Island Medical Center. She is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Co-Director at the University of California, Irvine. Algaze is trained in primary hyperbaric medicine, avalanche medicine and mountain medicine, and serves as an emergency medical teams coordinator for the Pan-American Health Organization. She joined in the relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and she has worked in multiple sport events (cycling, hockey, snowboarding, hockey and free-skiing) as the site physician. Algaze also has traveled with field experts and explorers to fifteen countries and seventeen locations as the expedition doctor for TCS World Travel, and National Geographic’s expeditions. This experience solidified her knowledge of the social determinants of heath, travel medicine and global medicine. As part of her fellowship training, she spent three months in a remote aid post at 14,500 feet in the Khumbu region of Nepal, serving as site physician for locals, trekkers and climbers while she researched cognition in altitude and its relationship to altitude sickness. Her clinical and research interests include wilderness medicine, hyperbaric medicine, dive medicine, expedition medicine, global medicine and humanitarian aid. Her goal is to continue to provide quality care to her patients and to expand knowledge in the fields of emergency and wilderness medicine. She is excited to launch and serve as co-director of the Department of Emergency Medicine’s new Wilderness Medicine Fellowship.