Qualitative Research on Football/Soccer Fans: Between Fanatism and Hooliganism

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  • Venue: ART 103

Seweryn Dmowski (PhD) holds the position of adjunct at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Warsaw. He specialises in sport and football/soccer related research within social sciences. In 2013-2017 ha acted as the adviser to the Board of Ekstraklasa SA (Polish professional football/soccer league) and the Director for Media and PR of Legia Warszawa (biggest Polish football/soccer club)

The aim of this event is to present all stages of the research process of qualitative research on football/soccer fans, as well as the technical and practical obstacles that the researcher may face while dealing with members of a very peculiar social group (football ultras). The theoretical framework of R.Giulianotti’s taxonomy of spectator identites and D.Antonowicz’s concept of football fans as a community of invisible religion will be presented, as well as the results of field research conducted at the stadium and the outcome of a series of individual in‑depth interviews (individualized scripts, depending on the social background of respondents) with ultras and hooligans of Legia.