Shear Stress and the Cerebrovasculature – Dr. Danny Green

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Professor Green will focus on some aspects of assessment of cerebrovascular function and recent findings pertaining to whether cerebrovascular function is modified by exercise training in humans.

Danny Green in a Winthrop Professor at The University of Western Australia and a Principal Research Fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. He is a human integrative physiologist whose research focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. He has developed novel imaging approaches to the assessment of micro and macrovascular diseases, including surrogate measures of early and occult disease. His research encompasses the lifespan; from exercise training and physical activity in the prevention of atherosclerosis in obese children and adolescents, to research on the best combination of exercise and medications in the management of patients with hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, coronary disease and heart failure patients awaiting transplantation.