FHSD Graduate Student Conference Award

The FHSD Conference Award is intended to support scholarly and professional activities. Applications will be considered for in-person and virtual conference attendance for graduate students in Master’s (thesis-based or course-based) or Doctoral programs, and Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) whose primary supervisor is a FHSD faculty member. In order to be eligible, students/PDFs must present scholarly work (e.g., a presentation, poster, workshop) based on research or scholarly/project work conducted while a student/PDF at UBCO.
Adjudication: Award applications will be assessed by the FHSD Research Development Committee on a monthly basis.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted to fhsd.graduateprogram@ubc.ca by the 3rd Friday of each month.


  • Students must be registered in a FHSD graduate program or an IGS graduate program, or is a PDF, with a primary supervisor in FHSD at the time of the application.
  • The research/scholarly work for this presentation must have been completed while a student/PDF at UBCO.
  • Applicants may receive funding once as a Master’s student and up to 2 times as a PhD student (pending available funds), and up to 2 times as a PDF. PhD students and PDFs are eligible for a maximum of 1 award in any calendar year.
  • Graduate students must be in good standing as demonstrated in their most recent CoGS annual report.
  • If two or more students/PDFs who co-author/co-lead a paper or presentation only one is eligible to apply for a FHSD conference award.

To Apply:

Submit the FHSD Conference Award Form and supporting documents to fhsd.graduateprogram@ubc.ca