Practicum FAQ

Practicum Placement Course FAQ’s

Q1. When can students register for this course?

A1. Students can register when they are entering their fourth year of the degree program.


Q2. What does the community placement experience entail?

A2. Students are matched with an Agency Supervisor at an organization of interest to the student, depending on whether the academic focus is health promotion or clinical exercise science. This placement is approved by the Practicum Coordinator. Students then complete a minimum of 40 practical hours at the organization in either a shadowing or direct involvement capacity or a hybrid of the two. Students are also required to research a topic within the scope of service offered by the organization and provide a summary of their findings to the Agency Supervisor. Once the placement is complete, the student will give a presentation on their experience to their colleagues, professors and other invited guests.


Q3. Can a student complete more than one practicum?

A3. A student can complete up to 2 placements (6 credits total of HMKN 401A and HMKN 401B) in their fourth year of study.


Q4. Is HMKN 401 a numerically graded course?

A4. The course is graded non-numerically, on a pass/fail basis. There are several criterion measures in place for the course, and each criterion must receive a passing grade in order to pass the course.


Q5. How does HMKN 401 appear on a transcript?

A5. A student will receive 3 upper level Human Kinetics credits once the course is passed, but the course will not factor into the student’s GPA.


Q6. What kind of placements are available for students?

A6.  Students have been placed in the following areas:

  • Clinical rehabilitation settings with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, diagnostic technicians, dentists and dietitians
  • Sports organizations with physiotherapists, athletic trainers, physicians and strength and conditioning specialists
  • Public and private educational settings with elementary and secondary students
  • Fitness/sport and rehabilitation organizations working with individuals with special needs
  • Health promotion settings with non-profit organizations
  • Fitness organizations with exercise professionals
  • Sport administration settings


Q7. Who do I contact for more information about the Community Placement Experience course?

A7. The HES Community Placement Experience Coordinator is Rebecca Frechette, who can be reached by email at , phone at 250-807-9565 or drop by her office in Art 337.