Undergraduate Program

Why Human Kinetics?

Human Kinetics is a discipline focused on the study and practice of human movement and exercise and its impact on health and physical performance. Our program will help you develop knowledge and practical skills related to community health promotion, and chronic disease prevention and rehabilitation. Some of the tools you will learn to use in Human Kinetics are lifestyle management, nutritional guidance, and physical activity programming. As a graduate, you will be able to understand and help solve the challenges of building healthy societies from a global perspective that integrates both scientific and social factors.

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Innovative Learning Environment

Human Kinetics at UBC is an innovative learning environment. While you will have the traditional structure of classes and lectures that you would expect, an equally important part will be making sure that you can apply your knowledge and skills. Laboratories in our programs aren’t restricted to rooms on campus. They might happen in one of our recreational facilities or your professor may choose to go off-campus to a community centre, hospital or seniors’ care-facility. We are actively building community networks to ensure that your learning experience incorporates internships, service-learning and other community-based opportunities that complement concepts discussed in the classroom.

Students graduating from Human Kinetics are prepared to go on to further graduate study in a variety of fields such as Physiotherapy, Medicine, Business, or Education.

Degree requirements for the Bachelor of Human Kinetics Degree can be found here.