Our students are tomorrow’s dedicated health providers.

Our students and faculty are active global citizens who work with local and international communities to optimize human health.

They strive to improve treatments, meet future health care challenges and prevent disease. Innovative faculty produce cutting-edge research and are committed to providing students with relevant hands-on learning. A passion for health and healing and a desire to create positive change transforms students into leaders who will define the future of quality health care.

What matters to you?

It could be changing the face of public health…or preventing disease…or ensuring social well-being for healthy families and individuals. Issues in health care that matter to you, matter to us too. Combine your energies with ours and create endless opportunities to start evolution.


Every gift has an impact

Your involvement can help students experience learning at its best, help researchers find answers, and help communities flourish and grow to their fullest potential.

Your gift can help build lecture halls, auditoriums and high-tech laboratories. Your gift can inspire, connect, and enable our brightest minds, talented performers and dedicated athletes to reach excellence.

Thanks to your gifts, UBC graduates can make an impact that benefits our communities in BC and across the globe. In turn, many of our alumni go on to make gifts that continue the cycle of excellence for the next generation of students, teachers and researchers.

There are many different ways to make a lasting impact at UBC.