FHSD Event Planning Process

FHSD Event Planning Process

High-Level Events vs. Standard Events

The process for sharing your event will depend on the level of event. There are two levels of event: High-level event and standard event. A high-level event is an event that is either a large community event (over 25 persons) that requires the support of Dean’s Office staff, or an event with a budget associated with its execution. A standard event is an event that is run by a faculty or staff member where the planning takes place outside of the Dean’s Office. A standard event will be administrated by a school administrator.

FHSD Event Planning Guide

Steps to Planning your High-Level Event

Step 1: Confirm your Event Project Sponsor by completing the FHSD Event Project Scope Form
Every faculty event that requests the use of FHSD resources must have a project sponsor. The Sponsor is responsible for the budget assigned to the event. The sponsor is usually a Director/Dean, but can be any member of faculty who commits to covering the budget.

FHSD Event Project Scope Form

Step 2: Complete the Event Planning Checklist
While the checklist is not exhaustive, it can provide a good start to capturing the steps of hosting an event. An important part of this checklist to note is identifying your team members. Keep in mind that the request of time from the team is generally additional to a person’s regular responsibilities. Ensuring that all team members agree to the timeline and deliverables is an important step. Lastly, identifying one individual who is responsible for the coordination of the team and event logistics ensures that each of the tasks are accomplished.

FHSD Event Strategy Planning Checklist

Steps to Planning a Standard Event

Step 1: Create Event Promotion Materials
A. Create a poster (vertical or horizontal)
B. Complete digital signage
Submit to the Communications and Marketing Strategist

Step 2: Upload the Event to the FHSD Calendar
* How-to available under event resources
Step 3: Upload the Event to the UBC Events Calendar

Event Resources

Promotion Templates:
Poster Horizontal Off-Campus(Whitney)
Poster Vertical On-Campus(Whitney)
Digital signage (Whitney)

How to Upload an Event to the FHSD Calendar